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SEC Vs Ripple Lawsuit on the 31st August 2021

What will happen to the price of XRP?

The next 2 weeks, there will be a lot happening with the ongoing SEC v Ripple lawsuit. On the 31st August there will be a Telephone conference hearing at 12.00 EST, also on this date is the “Discovery Deadline” is reached. The month of August this will be the most important feature happening this month.  It is almost certain that Ripple will win the case over the SEC by a country mile.  

The price of XRP could rise depending on the outcome and decisions being made in the Lawsuit case, but it will need to be a BIG win for Ripple for the price of XRP to rise substantially.

If you are a Crypto enthusiast it’s defiantly make sense to get some XRP and HODL for the Future.

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