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Bitcoin’s $100K price target returns

It’s the middle of October 2021, and the crypto market is shaping up to be one big bull run, this could extended well into the beginning of next year. Bitcoin (BTC) looks poised to pursue a run-up towards $100,000 as its price breaks out of a classic bullish structure.

Last week, Bitcoin broke above the structure’s upper trendline as it rose by 13.5% with rising trading volumes to boot. As a result, the cryptocurrency’s breakout move indicated its potential to rise by as much as the size of its previous trend (nearly $50,000).

Measuring from the point of breakout (~$48,200), the Bull Pennant’s upside target thereby comes out to be another $50,000 higher, i.e., almost $100,000.

Now lets have some fun, What do you all think?, let me see comments below on what the price of Bitcoin will be by Christmas, give me your best guess.

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